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About me


I am Karine, Naturopath and Naturo Coach!

Passionate since childhood by PLANTS, flowers, their colors, their shapes and their therapeutic VIRTUES, I have always used them during my life.

Epicurean, I have been cooking since I was 8 years old: VEGETABLES, fruits, spices, cereals... My CURIOSITY never ceases!

The discovery of vegetable JUICES was a healthy REVELATION!

Coming from a family of athletes, PHYSICAL ACTIVITY has always been part of my life. Over time, I turned to mindful walking and YOGA, which I have been practicing since 2005.

My life philosophy is simple: put my SKILLS at the service of those who want/need them; ALL AGES combined. Because human suffering, big or small, physical or psychological, has challenged me for as long as I can remember.

NUTRITION being one of the 3 pillars of NATUROPATHY, along with physical activity and psycho-EMOTIONAL balance. It is quite naturally that I chose to make it my JOB.

To ACCOMPANY you in your quest for health, BALANCE, and WELL-BEING.

For this, I use different TECHNIQUES such as NUTRITION, relaxation, Bach Flowers, MASSAGES, plantar REFLEXOLOGY, Reiki...


In APPOINTMENT, you will be able to deposit in all CONFIDENTIALITY your ailments, with your words, which I will welcome

without ever judging you.

This will allow me to offer you ADVICE, adapted to your needs.

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