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Naturopathy - Iridology

maintain and support

Naturopathy is an ancestral method allowing to maintain good health and, if necessary, to accompany in temporary or chronic, physical or moral difficulties, using natural means.

Iridology is a method of reading the body inscribed in the irises of your eyes (colored part). Different signs, colors, reliefs allow you to know your predispositions, your strengths and your weaknesses.  

In a caring and confidential interview, I will seek to understand how your body works and what would improve or increase your health and well-being.

I will then offer you personalized advice related to diet, the balance between physical activity and relaxation, and emotional balance. If necessary, I will suggest the use of specific plants (herbal teas, essential oils, flower elixirs, supplements...), water, sun, and also energy massages or foot reflexology.

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